-ISSA CPT since 2016

-CPR Instructor since 2018

Hello, My name is Logan Thompson. I’m a personal trainer in the New River Valley.

My Fitness journey began with a question, “Why not lift weights to support my future?”. At the time, my situation was stagnate. I was 21 years old, living alone, working a dead-end job, and finishing a degree that didn’t offer much certainly for my future. The uncertainly was overwhelming. I needed reassurance of the direction of my life. Based on my past experiences with soccer, movement could be a tool to reach my highest potential. Using my resources, I created a home gym. My body transformed like my energy, attitude, relationships, and life goals. The experience of getting in contact with my Body mind relationship opened me to the potential of future. Like a wall, setbacks, failures, and pain showed up in my path. In the end, I followed my program no matter what while making adjustments. In retrospect, my past journals, measurements, and maturity shows clear growth.  As a coach, I thrive to help clients realize how far they have come with their own milestones. Clients who realize that small progress matters often reach their goals.  It’s time to trust the process of growth even when it seems impossible!

Coaching for…

-Strength Training

– CPR/AED/First Aid

-Healthy Lifestyle

-Golf Performance

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